Sunday, November 11, 2012

Provo Canyon Bigfoot

A recent Bigfoot video making the rounds on the Internet has captured the interest of Cryptozoologist and Sasquatch enthusiasts.  The short clip, captured in Provo Canyon, Utah shows what appears to be a Sasquatch type creature rising up amidst some foliage. Uploaded by a user named 'Beard Card', the original video clip has already scored millions of youtube hits and continues to attract attention.

Beard Card was in the area on a camping trip with three other people.  The videographer and the others were in the canyon observing the herds of deer so prevalent in the area.  The group spotted what they at first thought was a black bear moving behind some trees near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon.  As the dark figure was moving along, Beard Card began filming.  Suddenly, what they assumed was a bear rose up to a bipedal position.  Unfortunately, Beard Card ran away in a panic just as the figure stood up, causing the camera to pan away and leaving many unanswered questions.  He has stated in interviews that he does not know exactly what the figure was and that he was not involved in any kind of hoax. 

While the video continues to generate interest, many people have speculated that the figure may be someone in a gorilla suit.  If true, it was a risky time for such a hoax since the footage was captured during deer hunting season.
The video clip certainly doesn't provide enough data to conclude wether or not the subject is simply a human or if it is indeed an unknown bipedal creature.  Personally, I don't believe that the figure is a bear as some have speculated.  It's possible that it's a human, perhaps a hunter who was quietly waiting for deer although there's no evidence of a firearm.

Utah's wilderness area is vast so the possibility of an unknown creature in the state is much higher than in more densely populated regions.
An enhanced version of the Provo Canyon footage can be seen here:


  1. The popularity this video has received baffles me. I guess Zeitgest is inscrutable.

    The video *is* interesting, though...

  2. I agree with you RPJ, it's one of the reasons I put this post up.
    I think a lot of it is the desire people have to see more 'proof' of Sasquatch.

    I will say however, that having done so much research in Utah, there is an amazing amount of unexplored area in the state. The possiblity of these creatures there is very high.

  3. In interviews he says he filmed this video, but his wife is holding the camera and starts filming, as can be seen in the first few seconds. Also, those woods are far too thin to not get a good I.D.