Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Eyed Children

The Black Eyed Children was published in March of 2012 and the first edition was a sellout success.  I'm happy to announce that the second edition is rolling off the presses!  The book has been re-edited and includes a new foreword by Nick Redfern.  Copies can be purchased directly from


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    1. sorry my phone deleted my comment...

      I live in Portland, Oregon and we have large homeless population, the black eyed children here, when they are seen, look like homeless teens 14-17 years in age and they don't seem to have the same speech issues that the ones from the Midwest. what do you think bout this?

  2. i saw a man with back eyes around at 1980
    it brought tears to my eyes in an instant
    i tried to tell my mom and she turned to see and he was gone and it was in a old muscle car

  3. i have tried to get friends to be leave me for year's and some of them are cruel it's real i was into playing with majick and reading black bible after it all happened as i was being fondled by a family member and mad about it so i dabbled some to stop him then my boyfriend got in axedent and died on December 1 witch was his 18th birthday /and year later 2003 my father died same day.

  4. I recently learned that it was discovered aliens were found to have black lens over their eyes giving them enhanced vision ( like military's night vision etc) in dark. If I sent my kids out on mission, wouldn't I give them night equipment or something to help/protect them? It could be their eyes are truly all black, but I'm starting I lean towards them using lens. Just food for thought... Fascinating!

  5. Hello guys.
    Just listerning to the latest interview with David on Coast to Coast. Im from the UK and a coast insider.

    Loved the interview has anyone looked into the myth and folklore of the Vampire and any connections to the BEC ? The whole idea about needed to be invited in etc??
    One would assume that if they can appear and disapear at will surely they could appear inside the house they want entry into... unless its the Invite thats important similar to the original Vampre myth. Also the pale skin and sinister eyes etc. Might be something.
    Love the work David.

  6. Simple, ask the question, why do you want to come in? Tell them we can talk out here. Another question to ask is; who are your parents, and did Mitt Romney put you up to this? Tell them that the army need find young people like them.

  7. To enter this home they must tell you the exact winning numbers of that states multi million dollar ticket, for the very next due date, and after it is confirmed y'all (pack all your valuables and get the hell out of that house before the Tickler is confirmed) go on in make your self/ selves at home....share parting words : so long sucker, don't forget to pay your property taxes...

  8. Don't allow in home until States multi million dollar lotto ticket is confirmed.

  9. Great show on coast to coast I was scared thinking about it, one of the best shows I have heard,

  10. I have a black eyed man story, i was going into a restaurant when what looked like a homeless man asked me if he could wash the wheels of my car, i didn't look closely at him said no thank you and went into the restaurant. The whole time i was in there i could not enjoy my meal thinking to myself "this man was willing to work for money and i just walked away" (i did see he had some cleaners in his hand) well that was it i when down ever street till i found him (i didn't have any cash but had lots of lose change and i grabbed it and walked over to him and said "pls take this and God bless you" i know he said thank you but my eyes were fixed on his they were completely black, it unnerved me but i did what God put on my heart to give him but still i have never forgot the eyes!