Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back on Coast to Coast AM

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for my latest interview on Coast to Coast AM.  Guest host Connie Willis and I chatted for three hours.  If you missed the show, it was a wide ranging discussion on topics such as ITC spirit communication, haunted Virginia City, Djinn, Grinning men and much, much more.  Show archives are available at the Coast to Coast AM  website linked below.


  1. I briefly wrote you yesterday (From Glendale AZ.) I’m off my “fan boy high” of hearing you the other night. I just three quick points I want to mention or ask.

    1. I know you have done a blog on Skinwalkers. Have you ever read Carlos Castaneda’s works? I am sure you have. As a Mexican-American, my mother and her mother have told me many family stories regarding “Naguales” as we know them in the “Mexican culture” I plan to one day write a book about those family stories. I found it odd because my grandmother never learned to read or write. Anyways Here is a site I found regarding Naguales, which is an interesting read if you haven’t read it. - (

    2. I’m sure you know about Superstition legend of “The Little People,” It is mentioned in the book, “Degrazia and his Mountain: The Superstition” but if you look at the map Waltz left Thomas Julia, he mentions a spot that has the “little People” on his map. I just found that interesting.

    3. The last thing I wanted to say is THANK YOU ON THE HEADS UP on the NEW BATMAN VILLIAN. I am a huge comic book fan, and I had no idea about the New Batman Villain, “Mister Bloom” (Slenderman) ! I appreciate that mentioning of it on your blog.

  2. Just listened to your Coast2Coast show of 3MAR2013 for the 4th time. In 1980 I wrote an electronic Crypto class on new equipment and later traveled to the military branches that were giving the secret course to see how they were doing with it. All visits to the secure buildings around the US were mundane except for the Air Force Base at San Antonio, TX. I sat through the 2 week course as a student and then at the end showed who I was and did a critique. All was fine, actually. As they led me out of the building it was a path I did not take going in. We opened a door into a poorly lit room and went to the other side of the room and back out into the brightly lit hallways. I never said a word then but I know they wanted me to see what was in that room. There was plenty of light for me to see a female airman about 18 or 19 being tutored on the course we had just finished. When close she looked up at me and I saw her eyes were totally black. I cannot get that view out of my head.

  3. David: We are pleased that you are appearing on the Art Bell Midnight in the Desert radio program Wednesday 16 September. We would like to invite you to visit a well mannered sanctioned Art Bell fan forum for live discussion before or after Art's show. Look for your live thread form. - Michael -

  4. My name is William Fletcher and I am trying to contact David Weatherly about the "BEK" phenomenon.