Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flying Saucer--Sweden 1967

The 1960s were a real heyday for UFO reports, with many sightings of the “classical” flying saucer type of craft being reported.  Since UFOlogy was still fairly new, more often than not, people making the reports had little knowledge or interest in the topic.  Such was the case with Dr. Rindborg from Sweden.  Ridnborg and his wife were both dentists, and, along with their son, they witnesses a flying saucer near their home in Sweden in October of 1967.  Bear with the language, I have not edited it from the original:

“Dr. Borje Rindborg, as well as his wife, Svea, also a dentist, have their practitioner’s offices in Falun, the main city of Dalarna.  While enjoying as their home, a cottage in Hosjo, a village about 5 miles from the city.  On October 19th, at 7 in the morning, their boy, age 11, had arisen from his bed and peeped out of the window.  His cry: “Look, a flying saucer!” brought the whole family to the windows.  The sunrise had just taken place half an hour before.  Now they all marveled at the object they saw for 3 minutes.

When at first closest to view it seemed large as the moon.  Later its size appeared to measure about one decimeter (4 inches) across at an arm’s length distance.  In the shadow it had a silvery shine, climbing up higher over the woods the sun gave it a golden luster.  Everybody noticed plainly the disc-like form of the craft and the domelike elevation in the center.  There was a hazy glow around the edges that seemed rather grooved or furrowed.  It went rather low over the woods, then climbed to about 30 degrees, hovered motionless for a while; finally it made a sharp turn while tilting on edge, rushed across the nearby lake until lost in view.  Momentarily, it looked as if it was going to land.”

Dr. Rindborg was convinced that he and his family had seen a flying saucer and not something natural or man-made.  In follow up interviews he stressed that the object was definitely not the planet Venus, a cloud formation, or a weather balloon.

Size estimates were difficult without knowing the exact distance, but considering that the craft was fairly close to the observers, Rindborg believes the saucer was between 60 and 90 feet.

Visibility was good that day and the object was first observed to the west, and departed in a west-northwest direction.


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  1. Great article. If a Dr said he saw a UFO...he should be taken at his word. I'm not sure why the public has so much doubt when there is so much evidence in front of them.