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I’m frequently asked about accounts of black eyed people that predate the Brian Bethel report.  More and more early accounts continue to surface has researchers digging through old publications and material find relevant connections.  As I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, it’s the common term “BEK” that is new, and not the black eyed phenomena itself. Now in fact, more people are starting to use the term BEPs (black eyed people) since there are more accounts surfacing of adults with creepy black eyes.  It seems there are plenty of cases of black eyed beings through history, especially in UFO and demonic related lore.

Here are a couple of cases recently brought to my attention.  Thanks to researchers Albert Rosales and Jamie Brian for tips on these cases.

The first case comes from author and UFO researcher Craig R. Lang:

1994, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Janice and a friend were browsing at the local huge mega shopping center "Mall of the Americas" and Janice had stopped to look at a kiosk in a well-traveled area.  Janice looked up from the kiosk to suddenly notice a strange couple standing in front of them.  The couple had features that suggested a racial origin not familiar to her.  She also noted that the eyes seemed to be solid black. Janice has a rather high degree of psychic sensitivity, and she felt a powerful sense of fear that seemed to emanate from these strangers.  It was a sense that Janice could only describe as being "behind enemy lines."  This strange couple simply stood there for a few seconds, apparently observing them.  Janice brought them to her friend's attention, but her friend did not seem to sense the same strangeness about them.  The mysterious couple then walked away, melting into the crows.  Two more times that day, while still at the mall, Janice noted them.  She sensed that the strangers seemed to be observing them.  Then the strangers would again melt away into the crowd and disappear.  Once Janice and her friend had left the mall, they no longer encountered these strangers, and have not seen them since.
Source: Lang, Human Aliens--Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Our Every Day World Type: E
Iconic researcher and author John Keel mentions a case involving a black eyed man in his book, "Operation Trojan Horse."  The book was originally published in 1970 under the title "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse."  The case involves an Italian contactee named Luciano Galli:
Signore Galli left his home after lunch on July 7, 1957, and was headed back to his plant when a black Fiat pulled up and a tall, dark-skinned man with piercing jet-black eyes spoke to him.
"Do you remember me?" the man asked.  Galli had seen the man before on the streets of Rome and, for some reason, had felt like speaking to him, but he had disappeared into the crowds.
"I remember you," Galli replied.
"Would you like to come with us?" the man asked.
"Where to?"
"Have confidence," the man smiled.  "Nothing will happen to you."
Keel goes on to relate further details about Galli and his purported experience on board a classic flying saucer.  1957 was a big year for contactee reports with countless tales of meetings with space beings and rides aboard flying saucers.  Galli was adamant that his account was true and later stated:

“I don’t care what anybody says, the story is true.  You can believe it if you wish.”

Craig R. Lang's website can be found here:

Anomalist books recently reprinted Keels’ Operation Trojan Horse, it can be ordered directly through their website:

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  1. Hello David, I`m trying to find any sort of map that shows the locations of BEK sightings in either the USA or the UK. The reason being, about a year ago I read an account about a child whom was playing in her garden and was confronted by strange child (a girl) who wanted to play, if I remember rightly this house was in the country and there were no neighbors. The first child who lived at the house became fearful and apprehensive and quickly fled in doors, she told her parents who went to investigate but as usual there was no sign of the strange child. They thought no more about it, but, the following morning they made an horrific discovery the child`s pet rabbit had been killed and mutilated and was still in its cage. This story made me wonder if there was a connection between Mysterious Animal Mutilations and BEK`s, that is why I would like to locate the maps to see if any mutilation dates coincide with BEK sightings. This story of a possible BEK sighting is the best I can remember, it is not accurate word for word.
    Yours Sincerely Peter