Thursday, February 6, 2014

The DreamNet Project

Can you dream your way to success?

Recent studies by Daniel Erlacher, sleep researcher at the University of Bern in Switzerland, have found that lucid dreaming can improve athletic abilities.  His recent studies on the effects of lucid dreaming on performance have also found that musicians can make significant advances in their skills by learning to practice while sleeping.
This may sound a bit silly to some people but the ideas put forth in the 2010 box office hit, Inception, may not be as farfetched as you may imagine.  Lucid dreaming is far from a modern fad.  Ancient cultures have long worked with various methods to achieve success by working with various dream states.  In fact, working with dreams is a vital part of shamanic traditions in numerous native cultures around the world.  Whether it’s the dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginals or the shared dreaming of the Guaranis of Paraguay, the shamanic approach to dream work is a vital part of many tribal peoples. 
It’s not just about athletic performance though.  People can use dream techniques to improve health, obtain psychic information and to find answers to modern problems.
Of course, the technique of lucid dreaming takes a lot of time and practice to master.  Even Erlacher, who has been working with individuals in a laboratory setting has only achieved about a 50% success rate in teaching people to lucid dream.

Now, along comes Bill Murphy, scientist and paranormal investigator.  Bill has spent a lot of time researching the nature of consciousness and in particular, the nature of self awareness while dreaming.  Bill’s explorations have led him to explore lucid dreaming and how modern technology can affect it.  Pushing the boundaries of his research, Murphy has teamed up with Michael Paul Coder of lucidcode to bring us DreamNet, the programmable lucid dreaming headband.  The DreamNet device is a revolutionary approach to jump start your way into the lucid dreaming process.

I won’t try to explain the full approach here; rather, I encourage you to check out the website below for full details.
The DreamNet Kickstarter campaign winds down in just a couple of weeks but you still have time.  Check out the link below, it’s a great project to support and if you’re interested in the potential of lucid dreaming, you can get in on the ground floor of this fascinating technology.

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