Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paranormal Connections

Technology can be pretty amazing.  Sure, it's a hassle sometimes, especially when we realize that the government feels a need to track all of our calls and activity.  But, on the positive side, it's remarkable to be almost anywhere in the world and connect with people via the phone or Internet. 

Case in point, last week I was on Paranormal Connections with host Christina George.  At the time, I was out on a Cryptozoology expedition with some friends from Crypto Four Corners.  We were in fact at an elevation of 9200 feet and surrounded by storms.  But guess what?  Out of the group, one of us actually had a cell signal so I was able to call into the show. Talk about a Paranormal Connection!

And it was a great show.  Christina, a fellow paranormal investigator, shared her own bizarre experience with some black eyed people and her show has developed a big following.  Thanks to all those who called in to share their accounts and opinions.  It certainly keeps things moving and interesting.

If you missed the show, check out the archive here:

And be sure to tune in to future shows, Christina has some great guests lined up.

In fact, if you're interested in cryptids, keep watch, I'll be returning to Christina's show for a future episode along with my friend JC Johnson.  Well be discussing cryptids of the four corners.


  1. Thanks so much David for ll the kind words...I loved having you on the show..and I am honored that you chose my story to be in your amazing book Strange Intruders...I absolutely LOVED it..I look forward to having both you and JC Johnson on the show....Thanks again Christina George

  2. This was an excellent dialogue: informational, educational, science-based, important cultural / historical references connecting to current phenomenon. Much more than a book promo. OUTSTANDING!