Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spooky Southcoast

I just appeared on Spooky Southcoast with host Tim Weisberg.  Catch the archives to hear our discussion on the Black Eyed Children.  A few listeners called in to report their own strange encounters with weird black eyed beings.

Listen here:

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  1. Hello, my name is Enix. Enix is an alias, but I use it for safety purposes. I was doing research when I stumbled across some accounts of black-eyed people. I seemed skeptical at first, but I did some more digging on the subject, and found some more information. I would like it if you can possibly tell me more about other things that you know about. You might find this intriguing, or think I'm completely crazy, but I have encountered What people call now Slenderman, more than a few times. In fact, if you already don't think I'm crazy, I sort of fight this thing. Sadly though it killed a few of my friends. Me and others are trying to stop it. We know how, the problem is bringing it out. So that's kind of my story. And why I need to know if you know of other things out there. If there are things out there hurting people, then someone shouldn't just let it happen. Though it is mind breaking and most people won't believe you, someone has to do it. So, if you are willing to do so, I would like it if you could tell me about other things you know of. That will be all. Thank you.