Friday, January 4, 2013

Beyond 2012

Here's a recent interview I did on Beyond 2012 with Tony Kudos.

It was a real pleasure to have my friend, William White Crow join me on the show.  The interview is a bit different since we talk a bit about the native american perspecitve on BEKs, portals and other phenomenon.

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  1. Hey man.. caught your very interesting show on black eyed children and ... thanks for the nightmares! LMAO!!!!!! I kept wondering if these creepy kids would darken my bedroom door.. but maybe the fact that I have many felines would render this impossible.. I tend to think they keep even ghosts away. Hey, who wants your "Shangrila".. homestead sanctuary all polluted right? LOL.. egads... anyway.. that was a good show and considering Coast to Coast keeps VEERING away from its delicioso topic OF ALIENS AND UFOS... I really appreciated this topic.. although not the creeped out feelings I was getting. Lets face it, there is something gross about eyes without pupils. Who knew!! I love my cats but at least they have the decency to have a pupil. lol Eyes are the windows to the soul and from them comes power.. I should know, its easy enough for me to dissipate clouds with them. Its a cinch. Well come back on.. they are trying to get too far away from my favorite subject.. ALIENS.. AND UFOS! :)