Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sacramento Paranormal Summit A Huge Success

Last weekend was the first annual Sacramento Paranormal Summit.  The event, to say the least, was a huge success.

Attendees traveled from around the country and several from points abroad to attend the unique gathering. 

Produced by Strange Lights Publishing and Author Anthony Sanchez, the event brought together an A List of speakers from the paranormal field.

The conference was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Sacramento.  The hotel staff was courteous and the venue offered both dining and a bar for late socializing.  (Plus a Starbucks across the street for those of us who needed our coffee fix)

Star Power included Bill Murphy, lead scientist of SYFY's Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.  Murphy and his lovely wife Anita, answered questions and greeted fans the entire weekend.  Also from the SYFY network was Paul Bradford, star of Ghost Hunter's International.

Authors Scotty Roberts and Micah Hanks, owners of Intrepid Magazine were both on hand and presented compelling lectures.  In fact, the list of outstanding speakers seemed to go on and on.  Jay Weidner, Lyle Blackburn, Kerry Cassidy, even UFO veterans Ed Grimsley and Norio Hayakawa were in attendance.

The entire event was emceed with style by Mel Fabregas, host of the outstanding show, Veritas Radio.

Paranormal investigator and radio host, Jeffery Gonzales of Sanger Paranormal was broadcasting live from the event and it was a pleasure to set in his studio.  You can check interviews from the event here:

There was an active vendor room, Panel discussions, Saturday banquet, Charity auction and movies also packed into the full weekend.

Countless people commented that they were already planning on coming to next year's event which promises to be even bigger! 

If you missed this event, you missed one of the best conferences of the year, but don't worry, I understand a DVD is in the works.

It's hard to believe the conference is over, but there's still a lot of buzz about it on the internet.
Great job Anthony, I was honored to be a part of this event and look forward to returning to Sacramento.

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