Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hawaiian UFO Encased In Orange Orb

Two witnesses driving on a mountain road in Hawaii witnessed a series of seven spinning disks encased inside orange orbs silently crossing the sky on New Year's Eve.

The witnesses pulled over and exited their car to get a closer look at the objects. They saw a "disk-shaped craft with a classic bubble top, spinning and gyrating in a rocking motion, synchronous with the tilt of rain like beams at one half second intervals."

There were also "light spikes" on the sides and top that gave the orb like shape a triangle overlay.

The two witnesses watched as seven separate objects with this appearance moved overhead, about ten seconds apart.

The events occurred on December 31, 2011 and a report was filed with MUFON on the 3rd. of January.

A drawing by the reporting witness can be seen here:

For the MUFON report see:

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